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Ramping Up for a Big 2022

Things are bustling at the Better Bennington Corporation with our efforts to come back swinging post pandemic and changing of the guard. While our website is still a work in progress, it is up and running for the most part. Please take a look at the fresh new pages!

We are very fortunate to have found a stunning designer in Ahmad Yassir. He did incredible work at a break-neck speed. He is also an absolute pleasure and the Banner is lucky to have him on board now. We would also not have been able to get it off the ground this quickly without Kaiya Kirk, the assistant to the director. She is a no-nonsense kind of woman and did a magnificent job updating the information on our downtown businesses to prepare them for uploading to the website.

We have resurrected the membership program and changed the structure up a bit. Those in the district who pay the assessed taxes are no longer required to pay membership fees to participate in all the benefits of membership. We are extending our focus out a bit further as our downtown should be inclusive of all the businesses within walking distance! They have been invited to become paid members and will receive all the same treatment and support from the BBC. Anyone else who is interested in becoming a member with benefits including voting for our officers is most welcome. Please check out our membership page and sign up. The membership meeting is slated for March or April.

We are already knee deep in the planning stages for Mayfest and the Free Summer Entertainment series at Merchant Park called Thursday Night Live. (We promise that the water will not be on during the entertainment!) In order to present this series, we are seeking grants and shamelessly asking for sponsorships. While the entertainment is free to the public, all participants are professionals and must be paid. Please go to our Donor/Sponsor page if you are interested in contributing. You can also, of course, contact us directly. My email is

We greatly appreciate all the well wishes and positive energy coming from around town. We are here to serve YOU and it is our pleasure to do so.

Finally, we wish a hearty congratulations to the Chamber for their lovely annual meeting. We are extremely proud at the representation of the BBC in many aspects of the evening. Board Member Nancy Koziol and Kaiya Kirk were fabulous in their wine tasting presentation. Committee members Sarah Krinsky and Brie Magnifico received the Young Professional of the year in a Business, Board Member Keith Carey took the Volunteer of the Year, and former Executive Director of the BBC, John Shannahan was rewarded with the Lifetime Achievement. All well-deserved!


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